Can You Get Your Ex Back with Text Messages?

get an ex back with text messagesMen and women are completely different from each other. There is the huge difference in between their thinking, understanding and approach towards solving any problem. It is nearly impossible for men and women to live together without any arguments and fighting in the relationship. Some relationship experts suggest fighting increase love and passion in the relationship and they are agreed by many couples as well but, on other side of the coin some disagree with them. When any man and woman comes into relationship they may know favorite color, food, restaurant etc but they don’t know what are their duties and their rights in the relationship. Often breakup occurs when one partner starts feeling he or she not getting love or attention from the other partner.

When breakup occurs, it gives lots of pain and negative feeling to one partner. But, the other partner stills contain soft corner for other partner and wish his/her to come back. But unfortunately he/she has no idea from where to start. As you read in my review on Mike Fiore Text Your Ex Back , the closest thing to human nature is cell phone.  There is hardly any person who don’t use text message on daily basis. Now, the main question rises is that “Is it possible to get ex back using text message?”

Different relationship experts have different opinions about this question. Some think it is indeed possible and some disagree with it and think direct communication is the best way for reuniting. But, what one can do if her partner doesn’t want to see her face? BLANK!!

In this situation we have to come back to cell phone strategy as there are many couples that reunite again after long breakup and they give credit to text messaging. It really does not mean you have to ran towards you cell phone, pick it up and start bombarding your ex with lots of text messages. Always remember if text messages are not send in right sequence it will hurt your ex even more and also possible you will lose every chance to get your ex back.

If text message does not send in right sequence it put negative force on your ex. You can’t get your ex by applying negative force. If you want to get your ex back then you have to send text messages in right sequence or otherwise you will lose every chance to get your ex back.

Let’s take a look some of the advantages of text messaging:

Benefit of Text Messaging:

broken heartIf your ex having no communication with you since last few days or weeks (probably it is) then you can try starting communication by using text message. Text messaging is great because you don’t need full-blown conversation script to kick-off your communication. Small and helpful text message can break the ice and promote you towards getting your ex back. After long breakup, it is good to start communication from your ex using small and helpful text messages. For instance, text messages like “Hey!! Did you notice Amazon has exciting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in clothing and accessories category?” works very effectively. If you receive reply from your ex then you don’t have to send reply again until he wants your response. Also don’t expect immediate response from him. Maybe your ex is busy at that time and response you later.

During the phrase of reuniting, you have to allow enough time for your ex to response. If you put pressure on your ex to response by sending follow-up text messages then you may end up losing your ex forever. Your ex needs enough time to forget negative feelings and you should allow him/her.

How to start text massaging?

get your ex backAre you clueless and have no idea from where to start text messaging to get your ex? Listen carefully!! Your first text message after breakup should be short, targeted and require response from your ex. Exactly the sample message I shared above. Above sample text message is short (3-4 lines), targeted (informing about latest news) and require response (questioning). Your first text message should be exactly like that. Don’t sending Hi, Hello text messages. Try to create some short, targeted and require response.

Are you running out of ideas? Try one of these text messages

  • “Hey!! Do you remember the name of Chinese restaurant we visit with your sister on her birthday? I want to visit there with my friend but can’t recall name”
  • “Hi, Can you tell me the name of the mechanic your uncle recommended? My car is not starting”
  • “Hey, hope all is well… Do you know Apple announced seventh generation IPhone? Though you’d like to know as you are great fan of IPhone”

These types of text messages are simple, informative and require response from your ex. Obviously change them according to your situation and send them to your ex. If you don’t receive response from your ex, don’t give up that quickly. Wait for 2-3 days and then send another one.

What happen if you receive call from your ex?

Rules When Talk With Your Ex On Phone:

There are three rules that you need to follow for getting your ex back. First and most important rule is that you have to keep your phone call short up to 1 or 2 minutes at most. Make sure you come up with a reason to end the call. Second rule is you must sound happy, not depressed to your ex. Try to create positive thinking inside you. If you are happy your ex will heard it from many miles away and engage in your conversation but if you are depressed, surely your ex comes up with the reason to end call in just 20-30 seconds. Third and last rule is keep your friendly tone while talking with your ex. Forget all things that happened in the past and opens up window for new and refresh relationship. Keep these three rules in your mind while talking with your ex on phone.


Undoubtedly, you can get your ex back into your life with the help of text messages but bombarding your ex with text message will only harm your chances. It is very important to follow right sequence for sending text message and you surely see positive results in the end.

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